What to Include When Selling Your Designer Handbags

How to Sell Handbags

How to Sell Handbags

Boston residents should get the most cash when selling pre-owned designer handbags and luggage. At Boston Handbag Buyer, we make sure that you get the cash you deserve. We consistently pay the best prices in the industry when you sell designer handbags direct. And when you sell handbags on consignment with us, we guarantee that you will receive 60-70% of your item’s final sales price.

To maximize the sales price and cash payment that you receive for from Boston Handbag Buyer for your second-hand designer handbags and luggage, there are a few simple things that you can do. Please be sure to include all the sales extras that came with your designer fashion accessory when it was bought. This supplementary material includes such items as the original receipt, box or gift bag, dust bag, certificate of authenticity, etc.

How Does Boston Handbag Buyer Establish the Cash Value of My Handbag?

Boston Handbag Buyer has a highly knowledgeable staff that takes pride in providing more cash for used designer handbags than ordinary online consignment stores and Boston consignment shops. Our Boston handbag buyers appraise the value of your designer handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, and luggage by closely examining the following:

1) Your Handbag’s Desirability: The greater the demand for your designer handbag, the higher its cash value.

2) Your Handbag’s Condition: The closer your designer handbag is to “like new”, the higher its cash value.

3) Your Handbag’s Uniqueness: The more rare your designer handbag is (e.g. limited edition), the higher its cash value.

Boston Handbag Buyer takes all of these factors into consideration, using our extensive knowledge of the global resale market for used designer luggage and handbags, to then establish the best sellable price—that is, the price that will get you the most cash for your handbag in the shortest amount of time.

“How can I sell handbags and luggage for more cash now?” Start the easy process by telling us about your item in the form below. Please include such details as the model, condition, dimensions, and year of purchase, as well as what supplementary material you have (as mentioned above). Please also include 5 clear photographs of the exterior and interior of your used designer handbag or luggage. Each photograph uploaded should be less than 1MB in size.

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Have a question about selling handbags & luggage? Call our friendly staff at 857-250-0950.

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